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Self Defense & Hand to Hand Combat

Street Self-defense

Street fighting aka real fighting, reality defense or street self-defense because unlike martial arts classes environment, it occurs in a real life situation when a person is suddenly threatened, assaulted or attacked by one or many, who do not apply any rules. Attacker/s can be cruel and harsh, and all your training techniques can be useless at that moment. Only Street fighting self-defense training skills will teach you how to defend yourself in a real life situation.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Hand-to-hand combat is physical confrontation between two or more persons at very short range (grappling distance). Hand-to-hand combat fighting incorporates techniques different martial arts and combat sports, as well as the use of striking weapons used at grappling distance such as sticks, knives, or improvised weapons.


My name is Alexander Antonian. I started the boxing career at the age of 15 (rep. of Azerbaijan USSR). I won 68 out of 85 fights, 19 of which won with a knockout. In 1979 I took a second place on a prestigious championship of the republic of Azerbaijan. In 1981-1984 I continued my winning strikes and won first places in Moscow. During my Army years I was one of the best fighters among the frequent military tournaments and won regional championship where I was stationed. My military experience gave me a unique ability to supplement my boxing knowledge with a combat fighting mentality. From 2005-2007 Academy combat sambo USA, also I was teaching self-defense and MMA classes in Sambo7 club in Winchester, MA from 2007-2013.

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