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Yout Fitness/Athletic Development 


Classes focus on cardiovascular, strength and agility training designed to improve the performance of an athlete’s speed, strength and endurance.  


Exercises are tailored toward each student’s current fitness level resulting in challenging workouts that get results.  Step into next season with confidence and begin training today!

For boys and girls ages 4 and older

Available Programs: 

  • Private Lessons (personalized workouts tailored to your goals)

  • Semi-private Lessons (create your own workout group)

  • Begginer Group Classes (younger athletes that are starting an exercise program)

  • Next Level Group Class (*coach's discretion* your child must work well within a group of atheletes that are experienced with exercise)


Fall schedule

Tuesdays    6:00pm-7:oopm
Saturdays  10:00am-11:ooam    

Minimum age requirement for group class is 4 years old

Next Level Training

Wednesdays  6:00pm-7:00pm

Saturdays      11:00am-12:00pm

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